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The initiative kicks-off October 29, 2018 with the YouthSMART Summit. This catalyst event brings together 300+ “SMART Leader” students and their teachers to participate in a powerful day of sharing, learning, and subject matter co-development. Hosted at Calgary’s Genesis Centre (7555 Falconridge Blvd. NE) the event combines large group presentations, local celebrities, inspirational speakers, and small group discussions. It is designed to generate an awareness of mental health topics, while actively empowering youth to take responsibility in leading a climate of well-being and resiliency within their school communities. School teams will utilize their learnings from the day to spark meaningful mental health promotions amongst their peers, and leave the event with year-long, youth-led project action plans to address mental health topics in their school. *Although highly recommended, schools are not necessarily required to attend the summit to participate in the initiative.*

A whole-school, or comprehensive approach, to student success incorporates well-being as an essential aspect of student achievement. Actions address four distinct but inter-related and mutually reinforcing components:

  • Positive social environment: the quality of relationships and emotional well-being among students and staff;
  • Teaching and learning: age-appropriate instruction to build understanding and skills related to mental health topics;
  • Policy: practices, policies and procedures to promote a safe and supportive learning environment;
  • Partnerships and services: home-school-community relationships;
  • Joint Consortium of School Health:

When actions in all four components are coordinated, students are supported to realize their full potential as learners—and as healthy, productive members of society.

For further information about a whole-school approach to well-being, please reach out to YouthSMART.

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