KidSMART is a critical component of CMHA Calgary’s continuum of youth-focused, mental health awareness programming and the first to specifically target a middle school population, aged 8 – 12. KidSMART currently exists as a downloadable mental health toolkit, to be utilized by teachers and community leaders, based on YouthSMART’s existing, facilitated workshops.

Implemented by CMHA Calgary’s Community Education staff team, including a former middle-school teacher and qualified curriculum developer, KidSMART will provide robust lesson plans and rich activities on the key themes of “Stress Management and Healthy Coping”, “Mental Health Awareness”, and “Skills for Being There”, in order for teachers and community leaders to deliver a best-practice curriculum, directly and independently to their own youth populations.

Educator’s Toolkit

The educator’s toolkit incorporates the curriculum, lesson plans, and activities for teachers and community leaders to deliver education surrounding topics of Stress Management, Mental Health Awareness, and Skills for Being There.

Download Educator’s Toolkit
Download Educator’s Toolkit (Black & White)

Student Worksheets

The worksheets accompany the educator’s toolkit. Depending on the lesson plan, a worksheet will be provided for student’s to utilize to further understand the material.

Download Student Worksheets
Download Student Worksheets (Black & White)


Stress Management and Healthy Coping

Students will be able to understand and articulate what a stress response is, how stress can truly affect the body and mind, and how to cope with stress in healthy ways.


Download (Black & White)

Mental Health Awareness

Students will be able to understand the various ways they can support their mental health, identify the signs of mental illness, and understand the stigma surrounding mental illness and its impact.


Download (Black & White)

Skills for Being There

Students will be able to identify when a friend needs help and learn the steps of how to support, develop skills around setting boundaries and understand where to get help for their mental health.


Download (Black & White)

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We would like to thank the Calgary Foundation for their support to develop this KidSMART toolkit. Their backing of this project allows CMHA Calgary the opportunity to expand our reach to those younger age ranges to begin their mental health knowledge journey.