CMHA Calgary knows that youth and families thrive when robust protective factors are in place, and that the early and teen years are a critical time in establishing life-long mental wellness.

YouthSMART’s Mental Health Resource Guide for Parents and Caregivers is designed to build mental health literacy for supportive adults and will empower those who care for youth to develop their own mental health and the mental health of their children. While this guide uses the terms “parents” throughout, the information is appropriate for anyone who supports or cares for young people in anyway.

These educational materials, resources, and tools aim to increase parental mental health awareness, reduce stigma, and create greater comfort in engaging in conversations around mental health, by drawing on the unique interests, goals, strengths, intersectionality, relationships, and capabilities of caregivers, while at the same time highlighting CMHA Calgary’s community offerings.

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Community Offerings

Recovery College

Recovery College offers short-term, online or in-person courses and discussion groups to support participants with mental health and/or substance use concerns. Our Recovery College facilitators focus on helping people develop their own resourcefulness in order to support themselves or their loved one’s recovery. Recovery College is a learning experience for everyone.

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Navigation Services

Our Community Navigator helps connect individuals or loved ones seeking support for mental health or substance use concerns. The Community Navigator is free to access and provides comprehensive information and guidance on the wide range of services at CMHA Calgary, and within the community, that are available to support you and your unique needs. Don’t forget that we’re here for you.

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Peer Supports

Our Peer Support service provides the opportunity for anyone to speak with someone with lived experiences of mental health or substance use concerns. With Peer Support, you can make a connection with someone with lived experience, increase your sense of engagement and belonging, and move through your recovery journey to develop skills and build resiliency.

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This program is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Government of Canada – Public Safety and the City of Calgary.