Understanding Your Brain

Did you know that our brains start developing before we are born, and continue into our mid-20’s? This means that the experiences we have and the habits we create during our adolescence actually impact the physical architecture of our brain!

For example, if a young person works on building strong, healthy friendships, and invests their time into positive hobbies and interests, then in the future, the brain will continue to seek out positive experiences. If, however, this person chooses to experiment with substances, or risky behaviors, the brain is likely to follow a more negative path. So how we spend our time and interact with our community can really shape our future! Interesting, hey?

Engaged, positive adult relationships also play a crucial part in child and adolescent brain development. They increase the likelihood of us engaging in positive behaviours, therefore strengthening those connections and pathways in our brains!

***Information from www.albertafamilywellness.org

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